what are the advantages to your business?

As the competition for talent intensifies in the New Zealand market, the true advantage for businesses is being perceived as a preferred place to work. The Gender Tick™ shows prospective employees that your company has an independently evaluated best-of-breed policy for gender equity.

This gives not only a commercial advantage to you, but increased assurance to current and future employees that you are developing a high performing, productive and healthy workplace to thrive in.

Not to mention that the Gender Tick™ stands your business in good stead should the Government seek to follow the global trend of regulating workplace gender equity measures.


logo & signage

All companies successfully accredited the Gender Tick™ will be able to display the Gender Tick™ logo and signage on all internal and external communications.


The logo itself serves as an excellent visual calling card to let customers and employees alike understand your company’s commitment to a creating positive work culture for everyone.



The key principles of the Gender Tick™ accreditation are:

1. It offers a strong talent recruitment advantage, as you will draw talented future employees to you by being known for being a healthy, gender positive place to work.

2. The Gender Tick™ serves as a strong source of positive brand attribution, signalling to everyone from your customers to the public and the media about the healthy, gender positive culture your workplace fosters.

3. It is an opportunity to be recognised for and promote your company’s commitment to gender equity.

4. It is a fantastic tool for improving your work place culture.

5. The Tick is a chance to mitigate any potential future risks, as having a framework for best practice starts with an organisation’s people policies.

6. It is a trusted independent assurance that your policies and processes promote a healthy workplace for all genders.

7. Many investors are now looking for evidence that there is gender balance at the board and senior leadership levels. The Gender Tick accreditation demonstrates to future investors your commitment to these principles.