Why do we need THE GENDER TICK™?

The proportion of women in leadership positions in New Zealand companies has hit an all-time low and we are one of the lowest ranked countries worldwide for women in senior leadership roles. In 2017, we ranked 33rd out of 35 countries globally for women in senior leadership roles, and currently there is only one female CEO in New Zealand’s top 50 NZX listed companies.

This is despite the research that companies with a female CEO outperform those with a male one. And despite the fact that 40% of the global paid workforce is women, and a further one billion women are anticipated to enter the paid workforce over the next decade.

One in four millennial women do not feel that there are senior female role models that resonate with them in their current company. Increasingly we are seeing them seek out employers with a strong record on gender equity.

Gender Tick™ provides a valuable tool for women at work and their employers.

In 2018, Minister for Women, Hon. Julie Anne Genter outlined her plan to remove the gender pay gap in the state services within four years, which is a positive move that will impact many thousands of women. However, there are many other drivers of gender discrimination in the workplace. Factors such as flexible working arrangements, career development pathways, workplace culture and sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Gender Tick™ seeks to address these factors.